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Mechanical Angels
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Mechancial Angels is the new EP released by composer-performer Cristina Spinei. Comprising three works for solo piano and one cello-piano duet, each track on this recording is a glimpse at Spinei’s new musical direction. “I wanted to create a collection of pieces that is more personal and exposed than anything else that I’ve written." Mechancial Angels was recorded at the legendary Creative Workshop studio where Spinei played the piano used by Ray Charles and Bob Dylan on the Johnny Cash Show. The warmth of the piano’s history comes through and compliments the meditative spaces in each of the four tracks. Listen to Mechanical Angels on Spotify or download the EP here.

Radio debut of mechanical angels

Andrew Newman interviewed Cristina for Classical Sounds on Claremorris FM. This was the radio debut of Mechanical Angels. Listen for a sneak peek of the music mixed in with a lively chat. The interview begins at 58”.