Chamber Orchestra

Duration: 9'30’’

Instrumentation: flt, ob, clr, 2tpt, tbn, perc, pno, vn1, vn2, vc, cb

Formas is a work inspired by Mariachi music, commissioned by Intersection for their second season’s Mariachi concert. It is scored for twelve musicians and divided into two movements, Bolero and Son Jalisciense. I composed Formas backwards, starting with the second movement. I usually remember the moment when the first idea for a new piece of music is solidified. With Formas I finally stumbled upon the second movement chords after a long night of trying many harmonic combinations. The chord pattern is in the rhythm of a son jalisciense, characterized by a changing 6/8 and 3/4 pulse. It's this rhythmic alteration that drives the second movement forward. I've taken some artistic liberty with the rhythm of the son jalisciense by shortening it in places and adding beats to it in others. The first movement is a straight bolero. It focuses on melody and color to contrast the rhythmic drive of the son jalisciense. It is meant to evoke the languid melodies of the mariachi boleros. I wanted to capture an element of dance in both movements and retain the effervescent spirit of mariachi in the entire piece.

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