Meet Me Under The Clock - SCORE & PARTS

Meet Me Under The Clock - SCORE & PARTS


This is the score and complete set of parts for Meet Me Under The Clock

Meet Me Under The Clock is a duo for marimba and cello that was inspired by the intricate choreography of navigating New York’s Grand Central Terminal during rush hour. The famous clock in the middle of Grand Central has been a popular meeting place for people commuting into New York for decades. I have many memories of standing by it, waiting for my sister’s train from Connecticut to arrive on her weekly visits. Although surrounded by waves of people, I was able to stand absolutely still and observe that motion from a fixed point. I wanted to juxtapose that sense of fixed observation and swirling movement in Meet Me Under The Clock. Throughout the piece, I alternate between using 3/4 and 6/8 time signatures. The marimba maintains a steady, driving beat that sounds somewhat chaotic under the cello's lyrical lines. The cello does have instances where it participates in the aggressive rhythm, but it mostly represents the static observer. There are spots in the music where the movement comes to a sudden halt, as if taking a breath before charging on to the end.

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Here's a look inside the score:

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