Colleen Phelps' Debut Album, ANIMAL AMBASSADORS

348 Moor Ave.San Diego,

I'm collaborating with percussionist Colleen Phelps on her debut album, Animal Ambassadors. I'll be writing a piece for marimba inspired by Niran, the clouded leopard that was born last year in Nashville's zoo. Colleen and I have collaborated on many projects, and I'm super excited to be a part of her album! There's more information about Colleen's project and a link to her GoFundMe page:

Percussionist Colleen Phelps has found inspiration in the stories of newly born animals at various zoos across the United States. New works for marimba will be written by five composers, inspired by five amazing tales:

Tsingi, the crowned lemur in Chicago, 
Fiona, the hippo in Cincinnati,
Elmer, the penguin in New Orleans,
Niran, the clouded leopard in Nashville,
and Li Yang and Xi Yang, twin panda cubs in Atlanta.

All of these animals are a part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Program. Raising awareness of the incredible commitment to these species' survival is critical. This album will tell their story to children and adults alike. In ten years, these animals won't be babies any more. But their remarkable stories will live on in music. A portion of proceeds from album sales will be shared with participating zoos.

Cristina Spinei