A duet for violin and piano, written for my dear friends Elisabeth and Carl. 

Duration: 4'30''


This piece for marimba and voice may either be performed by one musican or two. Antiphon for the Angels was commissioned by percussionist Colleen Phelps and is set to the text of Hildegard.

Duration: 5 min.


Desde las cenizas (From the ashes) is a song cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano based on the art and poetry of Steve Clark. I composed this work after seeing Steve's exhibit The Girl is Blue and Refuses to sing, a collection of paintings that embeds fragments of his verse in each canvas. Equally as stunning as the paintings, Desde las cenizas was the perfect poetry to set for a song cycle. Latin rhythms and impressionistic sonorities are mixed together in all nine of the songs. Filled with dark, morose tones, I was drawn to Steve Clark's poetry for its inherent musicality. Desde las cenizas is described as "an apocalyptic love poem in the form of an interior monologue which unleashes different voices...Part lyric, part confessional, part manic rant, it depicts a confused and chaotic world at the point of extinction...When the world has ended, when there is nothing but ashes, what music will we hear?" 

Duration: 30 min.


Meet Me Under The Clock, for cello and marimba, was commissioned by MuSE for their 2013 Sounds of Arts Festival. Each piece in the program was inspired by different locations in New York. My work represents the swirling energy and constant pulse of Grand Central Terminal. The marimba has a steady, driving beat under the cello's more lyrical lines. Meet Me Under the Clock alternates between being an observer of constant motion, and a participant in it. Dedicated to my sister, Michelle.

Duration: 7'40''