"Synched is a string orchestra piece in the manner of Vaughan Williams’s Tallis Fantasy: grave yet light, sweet but never saccharine." - Fanfare Magazine                              

Maestro José Serebrier and St. Michel Strings 


This work was commissioned and premiered by clarinetist Emily Tyndall and Cincinnati Soundbox. Recorded live at Leapin' Lizard Lounge.


"Cristina Spinei, who uses "looping" techniques such as those applied to electronic composition, conjures a shapely polyrhythmic construction in which repeated, gently struck piano notes contribute to a shimmering texture." - Stephen Francis Vasta, Music Web International        

                                                             New York Piano Quartet



Written for clarinet, marimba, piano, and cello, Lilt was commissioned by New Dialect dance company. The opening of the piece is entirely percussive, with the pianist playing on muted piano strings. There is a constant juxtaposition between the sustained, lyrical clarinet lines and the percussive ostinato of the piano and marimba throughout the piece. 

Clarinet - Emily Tyndall   Cello - Sari De Leon Reist     Percussion - Colleen Phelps   Piano - Amber Thruman           


STRUNG ALONG                                                        

This is the third movement from string quartet Strung Along, commissioned by the New York Choreographic Institute.

Violin 1 - Stephanie Matthews   Violin 2 - Naira Cola                   Viola - Adiza Sanchez Rahim       Cello - Patrice Jackson